By virtue of Law No. (8) of 2012, the Authority shall have the responsibility for implementation and enforcement of laws and regulations applicable to supervise and regulate the securities and the relevant activities in the State of Qatar, and therefore the functions of the Authority are reflected as follows:

  • Issue rules and regulations concerning the capital market and dealing in securities within the State of Qatar, based on international standards that fit with the needs of the Qatari market and achieve the regulatory objectives of the Authority.
  • Ensure integrity and transparency of the market by monitoring trading operations in parallel with the Qatar Exchange as the competent authority, in order to detect manipulations, violations or suspicious transactions in the market, and take necessary procedures in this regard in accordance with the rules and regulations.
  • Follow-up the disclosures of listed companies, supervise trading, and monitor the compliance of licensed companies and approved individuals with the ongoing regulatory requirements.
  • Carry out inspection visits (periodic and non-periodic) to the licensed companies and the stock market .
  • License the listing of securities for trading in Qatar Exchange.
  • Support the growth and development of capital market in the State of Qatar by encouraging the insertion of new financial instruments and trading mechanisms, applying advanced technology and raising investor awareness.
  • Issue Licenses for financial institutions to conduct business and approve individuals to conduct the regulated activities and the functions subject to QFMA’s jurisdiction .