​​​​Qatar Financial Markets Authority issued a code of professional conduct for its employees, aiming at creating a corporate culture that supports the professional values of the Authority’s staff, provides them with the responsibility and adherence to high morals in dealing with each other in or outside QFMA or in dealing with others from outside the Authority regardless of their confession.

This Code, adopted by His Excellency the Chairman, aims at instilling and developing a set of core values in the work environment for the purpose of maintaining the good reputation of the Authority and ensuring the provision of high quality services and high level performance.

The Code includes six basic principles that help to provide a good work climate in order to a​chieve the objectives and aspirations of the Authority, namely:

  • Showing honesty, integrity and loyalty in duty.
  • Implementing work policies and regulations in QFMA.
  • Treating others with respect and equality.
  • Maintaining the confidentiality of information.
  • Avoiding any conflicts of interest.
  • Respecting and supporting the Authority.​

These key principles have been converted into detailed rules that form the Code of Conduct.

The scope of the principles comprises all the employees of the Authority, regardless of their job categories, as well as temporary contract employees, trainees, providers of consulting services throughout the duration of their affiliation to or their work with the Authority